Whos dating lady gaga

When Gaga first burst on the music scene, she and Madonna seemed chummy, posing together at a 2009 Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Of the experience, Gaga told Extra: 'I love Madonna, she's even more wonderful in person than I had imagined.

And Lady Gaga showed this off to full effect as she literally bared all in scenes from her new Netflix documentary Five Foot Two.

The Born This Way singer, 31, bravely went topless for filming of the hotly anticipated documentary, looking sensational in no more than a green thong bikini bottom and a pair of shades.

The ladies appeared to kiss and make up the following year when they were spotted posing together at the Met Gala in a social media photo with Katy Perry, seemingly attempting to prove there was harmony in the pop diva land. 'But I play a lot of instruments, I write all my own music. In an audio clip posted to Instagram, she tells fans: 'I have seen a few short clips of the documentary but I have decided to not watch it all the way through, or most of it for that matter, because I can't be objective about myself so you'll see it before I do.'One clip shows the singer, who stated in 2010 she had tested 'borderline positive' for Lupus, in a doctor's office.

She's such a beautiful woman.'The ladies even went on to have a pretend cat fight for a skit on Saturday Night Live in October of the same year. It was great too because it was our idea to do the whole fight scene 'We thought it would be funny to answer the obvious question that everyone would be wondering..we get along famously.' However, relations between the pair went south after Gaga was accused of copying Madonna's song Express Yourself on her 2011 single Born This Way.

Gaga gushed of working with her idol: 'Madonna's such a pleasure to work with and she's so wonderfully amazing. When asked by ABC News about the similarities, which were pointed out by many fans on the internet, Madge called the singer 'reductive.''Is that good?

The Million Reasons songstress has slammed the 59-year-old icon on her for choosing to criticise her through the media rather than dealing with any friction between them in a face-to-face showdown.

Calling it: Keeping with the no-holds barred vibe of the documentary Gaga addressed her fallout with Madonna in her documentary admitting she wished the Queen of Pop would tell her she's a 'piece of s***' to her face rather than insulting her on TVGaga explained: 'The thing with me and Madonna, for example, is that I admired her always and I still admire her no matter what she might think of me. 'The only thing that really bothers me about her is that I'm Italian and from New York so, like, if I got a problem with somebody, I'm gonna tell you to your face.