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Ben here will take care of you but I'll be watching you." "Now move it." Jack snapped.

Linda was somewhat confused but started walking toward the shower, she had been sure they would rape her but now they wanted her to shower.

Linda was an attractive 25year old brunette with a good body and nice breast.

She was only 5'6" and 130 lbs and not the one that would fetch the highest price out of the four but she would still fetch a descent sum.

Jack smiled; he loved this part when the women finally understood the situation.

Jason had hired him eight years ago fresh out of prison.

Jack pointed to the fourth cage and told one of the men to get her.

The man unlocked the cage door, grabbed the woman by her arms, and pulled her out.

"Faster unless your clit is feeling left out of the fun." Jack taunted her. I'll do it just no more please." Linda was a bit frantic; she didn't want that awful thing on her clit.

She quickly got her shoes off and pulled down her jeans.