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If you are using a private vehicle, the owner must provide you with proper authorization.Traffic congestion in downtown Santiago is common during peak hours.Remain vigilant at all times and take extra care on buses, in bus stations and at airports, as criminal groups have been known to target tourists by first distracting and then robbing them.Watch your bags at all times while awaiting transportation, such as taxis and shuttle services.Traffic police (carabineros) presence is very visible on highways. Ensure that you have written authorization from your rental agency if you intend to travel outside the country in a rental vehicle.The authorization must be requested from the car rental company three to five days before the trip, and a processing fee applies.Student protests occur intermittently, causing road blocks, public transportation disruptions and confrontations with police.

Some residential areas (poblaciones) should be avoided at all times due to the higher risk of crime.

Expect possible delays at border check points, ports and airports due to striking Chilean customs staff.

Contact your travel provider to check the status of your departure and allow plenty of time for check in at the airport or seaport.

Follow the advice of local authorities and avoid large crowds and demonstrations, as they may turn violent with little to no warning.

There are ongoing public sector strikes across the country.