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Ms Gallacher told the Daily Record: 'I had never seen anything like it before. Because there was no one to fight his corner, he was left to rot.'If this is the situation people end up in under care in the community, it is clearly not working.' Mr Barclay became confined to his home when his MS became unmanageable and his mental health deteriorated.

'It is clearly an act of sabotage and I am saying that no investor should be able to treat our people in that way,' he said.

Staff told her that he had the mental capacity to make his own decisions about getting help when she questioned them.

Desperate to prove them wrong, she even forked out thousands of pounds for a mental health assessment of her father to.

His estranged daughter, Barbara Gallacher, 36, discovered the former soldier curled up in a ball because of muscle wastage causing his legs to retract.

It was the first time she had seen her father, who was living alone, since she was a child, after losing contact with him when her parents divorced.