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Refrain fivm aiftomated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system; If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a laige amount of text is helpful, please contact us. bat aaltbar harth aor Saltwiaf pcrn Qua Jitiat iha U be indulged ia," Ite. iahli l^uay uii foi'iry nii'I Moiic) wt mujil obtcrvi^ that ill tin- piitfiirnianc* of Cathedral njiinic a frpat^liun halb taken place fttal toili ini F ulilitf, Tht Mfi^rr rs Hib of tbe church do not Ibink Ihrm- •clea* ooaoeraed in it* pcrfonnance. caaae ao one could *nip«« that your Lnnbida had mlaqunlnl nu. were afiised to lexal i Dttrunuuts touching lorae p D- peity in Bbckfiiart, ixmha Md t»y Sbakiprrr of Henry Walkef . •maltlf tv lb* dll Tif Mii dai Ni Hilfwihrtit of Christians requiring sucb ascislance. ■ge, ibt Mn «r A w Moor who fonotf k«pt ■ ra9«e-tbof iii So«kmk. Pur—Mtowi Order of Coun- cil • (om irf fntjw uid ibmluginiii E upas lldi tappr t»4 pro Tidentitl CKSpc n f Mue J by ■ulbofil T, to be um4 oo San. We encourage Ihe use of public domain materials for these purposes and maybe able to help. Among tli« enuacs wliicli liave led lu the change here lamented, one prominent one U mciitioued by a writer 10 long ago as 1763. It «of« doroatl; to be wmbed that ibcir uu^cal cdncada D wrr« to general a to anabb th* clrnj, of whakrer rank . I hate pro- doecd, fa ay foniivr letter, the pauicra In «blch yea il M aiimiitle me, and from whldi eondaaioai hate hen drawn wbkh my own won U leitt mt mrroit/. The fint nf thcie, a Mortg«|;e deed, dated 1 1th March, 1613-13, wan dis- covered among the titte-deedi of tbe lt«T. In such proportions as to the discretion ol the Governor should sci-m meet. Ue h»d b MI) Finpi OTrd ■• • p Mkrjl B Olferi Strart. Google Book Search helps readers discover Ihe world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. %* Thoic i Dsr Iied thiu * are Vignettei, prioled with the letter-press . £84, 285 'Representations of a Roman Inacrihed Stone found near Ab ORt TOn, co. 463 465 483 496 603 616 633 THE GRNTLEMANS MAGAZINE, JULY, 1840. Fran ahom have tbc grtalalt worka in Mpporl t4 tbr (,'bri Miaa rc Ugio D pmni^c J? Aftn haniig cutfnily remo Tfd the mould, at the depth of ■boat three feet from the lid of the lepulchre, there wen- di MO raced the Kuli-bone ad. 1 «Dnul affirm that none were made in lliit form afler .... Till nitliin the last few years this tomb had been eotircly neglected, and was rapidly falling into decay, wheo Mr. of Moditon Hant Court, a manor-house in the same pariah, for the ready assistance he af. Upon ^ii cndcnc* Hveral Mon Wd been almdy pul to diath, and Ibe tivten of csamiivtlaa by tortof* M«a in fu U artintjr, wbcn, in (o MOf MNW of tbe repra Mado M of ibe Borap MD Cmui S* and iha acindpal Mfdn Ma, ■■ ofder ha been ot Mainod f rom t bo P«*bn thai Ibe tonufc tball no \ilrcd on iheflf M •ound uirann OE, wkii'c vfltb ir ihi- )win- »,.(._, i^ (I,.. You can search tlirough the full text of Ihis book on the web at //books . eluded the inquiry, or proved too ejqpensive for the resources of private individuals. View of the Ancient Hall at Rotcll Se Tower, Loncuhirt . i Ml lurelj men who trc Ml n«c«r« ia tbdr rtlipo D, m U Mt hare bcco ai tlw tronbic ef «»n di:alilii U of ma- t V-i A uiifi ■luinrd ati tiimlralil E 'Mi'- by til* Iiialiiii'i' »t ii;i:illu( (KMlry, abkh )■« t**4 most impre Mi TSly, and alirayi In a rai- tained tone. Have yon heard of the ritraordinary milk-woman^ there? The v UU(tn kvre (in B the aumt «f the "CTU»»d«'ii Tonib"iothiii mo Dii- ment, and imagine that iti occupant waa the fovader of their church, or at least a great benefaetor to it ; and in ikia idea they ar« probably Ml far wide of the truth, though the arehi- teeture nf the pre Mnl buildin R. fice, either of wood ot of atone, found m country churcbea, whether in nkhec in the wa JI, or on table tomba. however, I bcttcve, many tuch instances will not be met with.'' And that ihia is not talec than the date Mr. Mst KU to aucb (ffigiea, ia bi^ly probable from the circumstance of the armour being cha JD snnour and not plate ; which last, a* is p'ncraliy allowed, did not tome into ear with uabeforetbetimeof L As to whether the d Maaatd was actually a cro Hder or » knight Umplar. Anindcl,* the incumbent of the ueighbcoring parish of I^ndulph," with a view to its preservation, for which he justly deserves the thanks of every lover of antiquity, caused tlw rubbish which had accnmnlated aboat it to be cleared away, and left it in the almost perfect state in which it is now seen. Your coirsapondent speaks of Methodism, aa if it were ■ con- vertible term with Caliiniam, which it ii not, for H'ttlry was a decided Anti-Cal- *inist. 1 am in possession of ■ deed, signed by tbe unfortanate Sir E. God- frey, whose myiterioai death caused a great aenaation in the reign of Cbarlea II. But wc must break off, though loth — our business ia to cxp sentiments as these, not in oar own, but in our author's superioi and higher fancy ; and yet wc cannot so praise the scholar-like the various reading, the keen remark, the quiet humour, the w quotationa, the sound argument, which support and adorn . f'lr i/iy.elf, I should ge- **"■ ." '''■ (■■a[ tiui. 1 am aorry that I did not preaerre a note at what he said, but the words attncted great attention, and periiaps lome of your readers may be able to fumiah you witb fuller recollections. U BB A K, — The controretiy respect- ing the proper mode of apcllin; Shak- spere's name, la likely to have Ihe good effect of bringing forward anlogiapha of Tarioua eminent peraons, and alao inter- eating documents connected with their names, such ss the accoont of Wiekelille'a eipenac B, which waa given in a recent number. " The portals sound, and iiacing Torth, With Bolemn stepi and iluw, High Potentates and Damea of rof al birth, And mitred Fathers in long order go,'' &c. and we can'I offer guidance on whelher any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Colhcdtal italuleo lake for }, uru inuoiif: the inaat niiicuruiis Uks ■r biizziug mukicul sound. all tbi- cbiriutm of Ibe Old and New TMl4inrnt." We hope tbia nolc may reach Ibc cyeaofa crrtain Wiltahiro clri Byman, wbo H dtamalie rtadiiig he rtlremi lou ijnnd lor liii ciinl flock, and ligh* " pstemat curcerc aitt*" to a rcdned congrctatlon In iht nict Ri|H)lii. iinyj the writer.) fium oitlilii Klo cippl omtory from [lie icrvltc n( the aobliniett rauii' in winch It ran bp rmpliiyed. phi Until r( tnkc (o ^cld-picaobiog, many a bigot vi\ni woulil »cra|i(e lo enter a luccting- house, might vcl be leniptcd to cic Ihid ' ne«. 1940.] Th« Ctw Um't Toa U at Bofw FUminy, CWo Kot/. aikd a lio D conchant gt bit feet, which an placad in the utual poaition to- wanu tlia laat. but mme J««a of «• 'wnoi onlrr, bdn|( tfteravd* ennni Kd. tmd Bf • pninoii of 4, WU ntn fkliol M f M ■cvrtrly dayii. a nmit Hl uiok tttai mt llin tout of (be •ontkcn tlopr ol i W inouiituni of 31au- nil H^'n M an i W farm of Abd^. The ridt Mx ef i W wind wu oio M ntraordinrji all vt Mt4* it Aoti.

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'Dcfiter op an eapin (Mtd Napo Jeea) ttrto fk« handi of ib« ph Un Mobwi. tbaoi^ ft be of »d Bnunl,ih*f'Iln Bt(1i Febiacouii Io of jetrt to grind ti to (Miwikr.' Iletren bcpnb Mit tbt ali Mww Inarotbow which oar Cbnrdi it founibd tit f itco tbe Utilitarian (rioiblono. O tiat tht»rthio{* were wiitttn in a hook) He look great ddigbt in ihcwin K. that it, the (irint of hiiu, ver)' handiomely fianied, with a molln under ii. You will not won- der ibat when be eould bblain saib a coropaninn, he (hould thinli hintieir rarliculaily foftooate: and the Dean,* □lake no dou W, will irjoicc to ic« her, though 1 bttirte the mcani to «lee|r. I hope I shall improve myself a little against 1 see you ; till when I most bid you ■dieo, &c. Lloyd, uid none ould r«tf Jortin lower tban be did, Jn hi* iiublk Itrturea, as l Ugiua Profcaior of Oi.iuily, be mentioned Jor- (In'a Remarka on Ecclesiastical Hiatory, aa a hook to bs read in tbe conrae of theological ttudy ; but al the same time be iaiij he *aa far from recommending Jortin as a writer, and spoke in rery dit- paraging terms of his JKppamcg. How different from this was the day, when those huge ashlar buttresses, those massive and gigantic pillars saw not I he marble pavement on which they stood, for the crowds of multitudinous worshippers, who listened breathless with awe, aa pealing down the vaulted roof the voice of lament, the picture of that sorrow which followed sin, came deep into their hearts, " Stabit mater doloroia Joita crocem licrymona Dam pesdebat Filius.'' and then, Ailed with the warmest feelings of love and faiib and tremblio) hope,* that countless throng of ivorabippers, as with the voice of one man was heard again, " Fac ot ardeat cor meum In omanda Cbrutuiu Deam Ut Blbi complac CBIn.'' while, when the solemn and august ceremony was closed, behold hoi ferent was the scene ! who is of heart so cold, who does not feel and lament the sad decay o! who does not observe the change which time has made in the golden opinioo B once held by men, of the reverence due to the Service of God, if he compares the present and Uie former days, as he stands before the western door of the mother chorcli in a cathedral town, when the bell is summoning the saints on earth to prayer '. ) is seen stealing along in tingle blessedness to his seat (for his family is enjoying undisturbed re- pose), and a few tottering old crones and wrinkled beldams, with Bome wretched inmates of the almshouse, creep along to while away a few hours of the time, which age has made to them so desolate, and which movcvon such heavy and irksome wheels. Ihat the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. a nrecaunt whieb Ihe wl-known taate of OMTia tbe Tbini a Morea ni won U not bna Man departed from at hb acceuiloii. And I shall always look on them with more pleasure than formerly, if 1 may hope they have af- forded you and Mr. I believe no work| Oh shame upon this age * That ii, the older coins. AS y ODr p A^Hosaa Uy aboaad with mftttf T highly i Btctcitii^ to nil thotc wba are fond of An Uqnait&n Rc- •Mrdi H, pobsp* Iht fal Utnim^ ac- rannt of lh« opaiini of ■ bmb in the cbnrcfa of Bolna F1cain|, • lill^c neu lh« corpame town of Salluh id Cornwill, ma; not be coeiidcrcd tin- worthy of a p Uoe in eiw of yoar culy Namticn. thai I think Voetriir 1/ Trtaiuhflmli0lion, i« " IB aone tn*vrr, irarranltd bg the i Mf KM* nf Stripfurt, and vf our Ctarc* C«fre4t«H," No »uch pasinge is Ui be found Id ray " Rejections," nor will mf won U watcant mch m co Ddut Mo, u the Bi^oji, if I Qnitn- ■tsnil liii Lordtliip, ai p. It was represented also, that, so far from any increase of duty bein^ obtained, there would be a di- minution m the amount of duty collected. ask leai-e to sit again." 'I'lir imiliuii was iic Rativcd by 313 against Wd. wb Ub would doubtlcu bv mnmcly metvi iu tbe i Mr Wau nanguioo of the Oinloti tirar. A Kitcr pm«utio* of i W J*«a M Ihnnwcni ba» al Wfi In ean»f\wtam of Iba tolbxrtiw omti Tcnrv. a Cai Hir Llti ftidr luuvd Tbonw, itud bit tcinuit. ll cixw^ (h« ainet frvin *id« to u4e I onu buu*e, k api Hiirt, b«ng ■cfc iticktr, M il in called, than itw rot, aflcrlbc pant and Uthathat kcjii tidown wu* kmit otf in tbc inaidc, allpiied off into iha it RM, buiyiiwc lo ono inam of fif* acv Mal people, Tha follouin K am Ibc inoiaa ol tbu •u Srim i — Jubn Wil. tilt ^«4 SU, 00 d Nw Ifu Uf buiiit that thrj ara mt cipentd to U*t. EMti-t Hall, and hli livyti Hi(b- BCat Pnnur Atbttt iitcaidccl uu the oc- (Waen. Whelher a book is still in copyright varies from counlry lo counlry. If tha niiieopal Imuc Ii had onablad falm to Ib Uow ll. More n- c Mitly it hu been thoaght neceasuy to inform persons that a Bb Ull Dgi B a ihil Ung , by Impressing the words onb 8upon It initesd of the Royal Anna : — a nxas Dre which leemi to preanme that the yfi\i\c sre i DDcb greater fools no* irhen tlvty are ill taajjlit to read, than thej were hrtutiff, when every man knew what a s MItiu vat worth without havi Bg ae- qain4 tkal KMBipl Uu Bcat. Butlt into the wsti or the north ai*l« of tfai* church ii a totnb repre- MDtiftg a wairior in complete armovr, with a afaield on tbt Lm ann, the rishl haail fn»pia$ tht rona Jot of what wu OAM « aword, cr OM-loe Md. He had become satisfied thutsucharesult would take place, and therefore proposed to lay an additional duty on timber, bolh Cnnadian and Baltic, of It. A ■I'c'ii H of indo Bcribuble contusion fiitliiwi'd, owii Mr. ll IK lij aaarnlli K " that lliia was a Bill to liainpic nil llio riglita of Ireland," which only ii'riiiliiited by Iho idjaiiinenent of Itw IIOUM. Bt adnm Iro M Cm Ico u J 3bcm It Mi Mn tlait Ibm u no fra WHlil; M w Mtit of ■ r lo tciidcii'Mi' ac Singa- pore, nbrtu H would UMet i W *of» huu Irotn ihv uibei pmidancit*. oi'iv ■■vn to cntur ibr .iijiif' "' "" ■■■■'I' -f i(. JIJ,, f*/ pul »i lilli'i ""l * tl Ualnl I eunl«ado» *W«Jd heinij lofted ! ■nm Hr: a OU wen pat Avrt iheom Uli but ih* lou of tlw «nainr wu tni MOM. buweivr, roii- ikow 10 b« Ti-ry haruuiif | and oii Ibi] w M* il ia corwidi^r H that ttw dptdilion ku iw Dvod a Ulan. Ob tba 6th of Jimc, lb* dif of Nb I- tfcn, 1b tba ala M of Now Oi Icmw, was r Ultri *Uh a tornado ralbvr unnnil in that* laliiudcs. The FKikw mu ni^vod with load and lou E^o Miii lined cbwciuci and, after Ihu i Mflonnanvo uf tbc Kalkuul A« i-ivly wi-rr thou carriiid nnanl Moudy.

Sex chaating with inian language