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An examination of the Filtered Text Box extender s 96 lines of server-side source code reveals that no server-side validation is done by the control.

Only client-side validation is performed automatically. Therefore, I suggest you use some custom server-side code along with this control as an additional validation check.

Figure 1: The AJAX Control Toolkit includes several useful extenders to enhance Text Boxes with exciting new functionality.

NET VERSIONS: 2.x | 3.x Terrific Text Boxes Teach Your Text Boxes a Few New Tricks By Steve C. The free, open source AJAX Control Toolkit provides several extenders that can turbo charge your Text Boxes with enhanced functionality (see Figure 1).

Figure 2: The Text Box Watermark extender condenses labeling text by superimposing it onto a text box.

The Text Box Watermark extender s public members consist of three public properties.

The Masked Edit Validator works flawlessly with the Masked Edit extender to provide enhanced validation possibilities.For example, it can prevent users from entering text where numbers are expected, and vice versa.A client-side timer is used to check the contents of the text box at regular intervals and remove any characters that shouldn t be there. Yet, it s difficult to find reasons to get excited about this relatively utilitarian control until now!The simple Text Box Watermark extender is a great way to conserve screen real estate by condensing labels and other descriptive text.