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this shoots like my Kimber TLE II/RL (w/o the night sights of course). Respectfully, Deputy Tom Peters First off thank you for your website.It's my first visit and was very impressed with your unbiased observations for this pistol. That's OK , to each his own, carrying a fire arm is something you should be comfortable with, not your buddies or anyone else. I am very impressed with Rem .380 and I agree with all of your comments regarding it.For an 0 MSRP gun, you'd think RIA would at least paint the front sight.

Anyway, in 1979 I was working as a draftsman, about 9,000 per year income, wife full time college student, saving for down payment on old farm house so cash was limited to say the least.Everything that you wrote about it covered all of the questions that I had as far as it's performance and reliability.The only downside that I can see is the plain black front sight.There are a few Reviewers that I respect and am very entertained by on You Tube and print as it seems we are like - minded (fir the most part).Jeff Cooper, Patrick Sweeny, Hickock45, and of course you and your brother!!!