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id=63272&torrentid=103010 The big question that no one has asked in the wake of the shutdown: what became of the PRISM system that WCD staff created to catch cheaters? #fbi on whatnetwork was shut down, but what about all the user data they had? they do that they deserve attention, any tracker that does that deserves attention! you can't get into your curry brain why it is bad to have OPEN DIGNUPS becuase you're retarded but look at nostream and look at xanax now, where are thy lieing in the mud because the ylet in filth like you I doubt it. STOP HYPING THIS SHIT AND STAY IN YOUR SUPA SIKRIT KLUBSthis, you fucking pajest are too stopid to understand what a 1337 and i won't tell you, let's just say that thos etrackers are the best and you can't get in them, i'll just mention exigo pedros and there are lot more secret that you curries thont knowthat was a misgtake 90% of pth is wcd seedboxes, that's why they are recruti from top trackers, no trancodes from youtube, see the number of torrent sand number of users MORON it is much more torrents for each user you RETARDWhat you're doing is 'hilarious'.

a: Cause it would've been shit and people would just stay on filthy curry , youare not fit to joint pth, those who are joined THE RIGHT WSY because all pth is from ptp/btn elite tm, and not some curry TRANSCODE UPLOADER YOUTUBE.

Right now PTH has 2.9% of users with a user limit at 3.3%.

PTH has recruitment at hard to join trackers(most if not all have nothing to do with music) but NOT only that but at very high user status. Legends on AB are respected across the tracker community. Post whichever tracker you want to be on and a representative from that tracker will give you an account (only had trouble one time where a rep wasn't on AB cause it was a random Korean tracker)yes, going to and transcoding 150 flacs makes one very well respected in the tracker community!

We are hopeful that it will be ready in the next day or two.

Keep an eye on the official invite forum, as we will be post there when we are ready.

The site features both lossless and lossy music, plus select other categories, including applications, e Books, audio books, comics and music-related e Learning videos. In the first week, over 65,000 Perfect FLACs were uploaded and 160,000 torrents overall by under 5,000 users.

Most are n00bs that don't know shit or post their e-mails hoping to get something/anything. If you look at global stats a total of 20 people have viewed the forums since you guys have started shitposting. After this post I am going to clean the forum and the other 4000 users won't even know. To be honest the only transcodes on Apollo are by you PTH retards, and all the shitpost on forums is by you, so it's pretty safe to say you're the one that's behaving like a 3rd world country apeselite - how I got in early - before the recruiter was swamped and deleted it because there are 13,000 elite .Free Chat Rooms Online - Talk To Strangers - Omegle Alternatives Random Chat Rooms, Text chat, Dirty Chat Online, talk dirty,free chat online, chatrooms.Nasir bhaiee khush howay aur unkay liptanay main aur taizee agaiee.Further more PTH is trying to limit users from joining by limiting invites! thanksi just got the news of wcd shutting down and the other new music trackers going onlinei find it funny thought that they decided on recruiting on the elite forums on BTN when they said theyre only inviting "high rank" users.elite its easy as fuck to get to. APOLLO: growing at the snail speed PTH:96% of what members not welcome, go find invite in the deepest hole! not denying AB is close to cabal tier though, especially now they've shut down recruitment everywhere Hey folks. We've been hard at work getting the site in a better state to expand the user base.ive only uploaded 6 half-assed torrents and im already guruyoure theally too stupid as people here already explained you 100 times it's NOT ABOUT QUNTIY IT SABOUT QUALITY you sont need every wcd user you eneed the best top and those are 90% pth, pls educat eyourself how trackers work Who's interested in 1000 libble usernames linked to IP addresses? q=cache:qd Ab_W9FQj8J: WHAYARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT LOOK TH E STATS YOU RETRAD WITH 5 TIMES LESS USERS PTH HAS 2 TIMES MORE TORRENTS HOW IS THT WAFFLES YOU MORON IT IS PTH IS WCD AND XANA IS WAFFLES YOU BRAINLESS CURRY JUST SHUT UPMaximum users: 40,000Enabled users: 21,759 Details Users active today: 9,925 (45.61%)Users active this week: 19,997 (91.90%)Users active this month: 19,997 (91.90%)Torrents: 101,476Releases: 67,449Artists: 50,943"Perfect" FLACs: 16,225Requests: 1 (100.00% filled)Snatches: 143,831Peers: 307,578Seeders: 257,495Leechers: 50,083Seeder/leecher ratio: 5.14Maximum users: 5,000Enabled users: 4,670 Details Users active today: 3,820 (81.80%)Users active this week: 4,340 (92.93%)Users active this month: 4,340 (92.93%)Torrents: 162,347Releases: 116,793Artists: 95,899"Perfect" FLACs: 65,402Requests: 578 (49.13% filled)Peers: 666,199Seeders: 657,132Leechers: 9,067Seeder/leecher ratio: 72.47And also FUCK APOLLO! We're working on a unique solution to solve the manpower equation with the high demand for invitations.