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"We've been building up to his arrival for literally what feels like years," showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told E! "Mark is a wonderful, charming, smart, charismatic actor, and I think that's what Hiram is going to be as well."Fans can expect to see Hiram immediately clash with one Riverdale resident, a key storyline Aguirre-Sacasa pulled right from the source material.

"In the comic books, one of the things that is in every Archie comic book, whether Archie is dating Veronica or not, is that Hiram Lodge despises Archie," he said.

Often when Dylan names come in the news, his twin brother somehow also makes headlines. Dylan is a well-renowned actor in Hollywood and he has been in the industry for more than a decade.

Cole who dated many beautiful ladies still hits the internet with his personal life, On the other hand, Dylan likes to keep his love life under shade. During his time in the industry, Sprouse name got linked with many of his co-stars despite being at an early age in that time.

We totally get that that people tend to look similiar to their offspring but Cole and Dylan Sprouse's dad has made us question whether the three of them are actually triplets or if the father went through some kind of cloning process back in his twenties. Fans have pretty much lost their minds of similiar the trio look to each other, after Riverdale enthusiasts trawled back through Cole's Instagram profile to find an image of what genuinely looks like Jughead's literal stunt double.

At the time, Cole captioned the image: "Here's a #tbt to my pops and I (could be Dylan??? Uncanny how much we ended up looking like him." The upload is now attracting attention from fans all over the world, with one person writing: "Omg I thought it was u holding the baby and then I read the caption," another saying: "It's basically you holding yourself," and the final comment: "Wow!

"And I think that is absolutely something we're going to play in season two.

That's going to be a source of great conflict and great angst for Veronica and Archie."But just how evil will Hiram be when he gets out of prison, seeing as how he's already set some pretty awful things in motion from behind bars throughout the season?

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"We want a lot of Reggie in season two, and hopefully we'll have that," he said.(UPDATE: The role of Reggie will now be played by Charles Melton, who has appeared on 's future.However, Sprouse dating rumors never failed to make its way, although he had few love affairs in past.When Dylan was spotted with a cute girl on public places, people began to wonder about this mystery girl....Maury said the results are in "He is the father! " Are we buying that this is actually their dad or did a third Sprouse brother just want a life away from the limelight before travelling back to the 90's and getting a picture of himself holding his baby brother?