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Fizza Qureshi, Director of Migrants’ Rights Network, said the charity was “gravely concerned” that immigration enforcement is creeping into public services, especially the NHS.

“It is therefore important to challenge this data-sharing agreement which violates patient confidentiality, and discriminates against those who are non-British,” she said.

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And this is not just a question of touchy-feely good vibes: a growing body of research now points to the critical importance of having a connection to a trusted physician.It was published without consultation with NHS staff, medical organisations or the public.According to the Department of Health, the Home Office made 8,127 requests for data in the first 11 months of 2016, which led to 5,854 people being traced by immigration enforcement teams.They tell tales of being rushed out of the office by harried doctors who miss crucial diagnoses, never look up from their computers during an exam, make errors in prescriptions, and just plain don’t listen to their patients.Studies show a steep decline over the last three decades in patients’ sense of satisfaction and the feeling their doctors are providing high-quality care.