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So pretty much everyone calls me Toon or Toonie or whatever nickname they think of Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring I am all about smiles :-D Smiles make a difference Im an optimist. 🙈 I work in the travel industry, love to laugh and can be extremely loud at times!The town of Beverley grew up around the minster church and received its first charter in 1129.Beverley was incorporated as a borough in 1573 during the reign of Elizabeth I and was a place of great importance and wealth.As well as the minster there are a number of other historic features in Beverley worthy of note.The beautiful parish church of St Mary's, for example dates from the 12th century and predates the minster.The church is famous for a carving of a rabbit which is said to have inspired Lewis Carroll to create the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland.Most of Beverley's town centre is Georgian and Victorian in origin but at the northern entrance to the town is marked by the medieval North Bar.

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