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Crystal Castles are known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions.

They released many limited vinyl singles between 20 before releasing a trilogy of critically acclaimed albums between 20.

In March 2012, Crystal Castles announced their relocation to Warsaw to begin recording their third album.

A fan's video of the band's June 9 performance at Parklife 2012 was uploaded to You Tube, boasting the first appearance of new song "Plague", "Sad Eyes" was the album's 3rd single, released January 2013. label promised a 5th single, "Telepath", for a late 2013 release but this did not materialize due to the label having lost touch with the band members.

Crystal Castles' first live performance with the new vocalist was on November 27 at Soundswild Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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When questioned about his motives behind this, Kath responded with "To weed out the wimps, to annoy the posers. In April 2010, an early mix of the album leaked, prompting the label to release prior to the originally-planned date of June.The track was aptly titled "Alice Practice" and went on to become the band's first official release."Frail" is a song by Canadian electronic music band, Crystal Castles.They were expected to return to the UK in September 2008 for a headlining tour but dates were moved forward due to recording commitments.The band also played Connect 2008 and in October they played at the Iceland Airwaves festival.