Beth riesgraf dating 2016

Our part of town is like a little village, with a lot of restaurants and cinemas within walking distance.

LA is amazing when you're working and when you're not, it's awful. Of course I miss home and I think about it every day, but I don't pine for it. It's easier to stay in touch with people through social media, and I genuinely see more of my parents now that I'm here.

But also, you get a residual cheque every time it is shown, and none of that happens at home.

In Ireland, actors get screwed and the union is useless, but over here actors are appreciated more. I think it's because I don't look American and I've got pointy eyebrows. So, I'm a murderer, a rapist, a psychotic, and I usually kill at least one person.

You can take a dog out and everyone comments on your dog. So, the dog serves a function beyond being a beloved pet. She worked on a show called Leverage and I played the villain on it - a loan shark from Belfast. We didn't actually work together, but I met her on the first day and we got along really well. You can see the Hollywood sign from where we live, so I run around the trails here.When I'm cast for something which is on the darker side, I say, 'wait a second, I was Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk. In the evenings, if I'm not working, I might go out for a meal with Beth.That can be tricky because, since we've met, one of us is almost always out of town with work, but we try not to leave it longer than three weeks.There is something about all creative people - no matter what you're doing, that you want to be doing something else. LA is hard to get into, but the rewards are infinitely greater.When you do one episode of a TV show over here, you notice the difference in the money straight away.