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After The Daily Beast’s initial investigation, demands for Fisher to step down from politics came from Democrats and Republicans alike, including New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a Republican, who that his online rants were a result of a bad breakup and “some very uncomfortable experiences” in his early 20’s.On Tuesday, a New Hampshire state house committee will convene to examine Fisher’s online comments and potentially recommend either a reprimand, censure, or expulsion.Fisher— a lawmaker who has refused to sit on a committee and shows up to vote only half the time—voted in favor of the probe, he’s “confident the matter will be settled” at the hearing.The committee is limited to just comments made during this legislative session, which began in January.Historical SOA records found publicly online confirm that Fisher’s personal email address was initially listed as the responsible party for corroborate these findings, which were also confirmed to The Daily Beast by two different security researchers.

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Fisher had just lost his first campaign (in which he ran as a Democrat) the previous November.“In fact, he's admitting that the data itself is correct,” he said.“The denial would be more credible if he ran a larger company and could point to actual sites he hosted but wasn't personally involved with.”Fisher—who according to domain records doesn't appear to have hosted other people's sites for profit—refused to comment on who owned the domains in question and why most of the websites associated with his email are sites associated with The Red Pill group.“You’re looking to drag my name through the dirt and I don’t think that’s very nice. Representative Fisher was first contacted for a comment on the Daily Beast’s investigation into The Red Pill on January 2, 2017.Since April 2016, the data shows the party responsible for was updated to a second email address—one that was nevertheless still connected to Fisher’s personal domains.Records provided by Domain Tools, a security and intelligence firm, revealed the same anonymized email address was listed in current SOA records as the party responsible for Fisher’s personal websites, including his campaign website and the website of his band, the Five Nines.