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In other words, it essentially just controls the DTD validation.(except the legacy two properties defined in JAXP 1.2.So my question is, where should I save the XML file so that I could access it from the Java code ? This class is used to create implementations of XML Pull Parser defined in XMPULL V1 API.Specifies that the parsers created by this factory must eliminate whitespace in element content (sometimes known loosely as 'ignorable whitespace') when parsing XML documents (see XML Rec 2.10).Note that only whitespace which is directly contained within element content that has an element only content model (see XML Rec 3.2.1) will be eliminated.

The problem I have is that a File Not Found Exception is launched whenever I try to create the Input Stream raw variable as if the file wasn't found.The text contained in the CDATA section is available by calling get Text().This event type is this token is available via next Token() only; calls to next() will skip comments automatically.This event type is never returned from next(); next() will accumulate the replacement text and other text events to a single TEXT event.This feature determines whether the document declaration is processed.

Android xmlpullparserfactory setvalidating