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The first of two picture windows did not come in until a few days later.

It took some effort, on my part, to get it installed (had to contact the store manager).

When that didn’t happen it was promised to ship NLT 11/20; it didn’t happen.

The company continued to expand during the rest of the 1950’s. His 5 man executive team decided to take Lowe’s public in 1961. Lowe’s continued to expand and today has over 1700 stores in the US and is also expanding into Canada, Mexico and Australia.6 feet by 6 feet, which takes under two hours, should be given preference for timing and that I should not have to wait for installation like I just ordered it a week or two ago.I actually paid for this window in full on Oct 10th or 11th Dave M., the Owner of Right Angle, the installer, said Lowe’s should deliver the picture window and he would install it ASAP, in any event NLT Wednesday, Dec 13.06, 2017 with the understanding that they would be installed by Oct. These contracts totaled over ,000.00 I paid for the windows, in full, at the time of order placement even though my first reaction was to proceed with a deposit of 25-50% with the remainder upon complete installation.I had interviewed four (4) other vendors, all of which wanted a deposit up front & the remainder upon installation. He wanted to leave information in spite of that and announced that he could do it by the end of the month.